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Worcestershire has a fantastic reputation for artistry and craftsmanship - with worldwide acclaim in the case of ceramics in particular. The Royal Porcelain Works offers new facilities and opportunity for local artists and craftspeople to showcase  their work and demonstrate their skills as part of a vibrant calendar of events. Please click here if you would like to be inolved with the initiative and find out more about the studio and gallery facilities available.

1. Francesca Currie (ARBSA) 

Francesca’s work is representational. She aims to seek the ‘essence’ of the subject or person she is painting. Drawing from the techniques of the old masters whilst keeping the work contemporary through explorative mark making, colour and composition.

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2. Chamberlain & Co

Chamberlain & Co creates the finest British handmade ceramics available today. Every piece of luxury ceramic is made entirely by hand and completely unique as a result. An individual brand, not limited by the constraints of mass production, we continue with skills rarely seen today. 

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3. Caro Burberry MRBS

“Through sculpture I explore and celebrate life. I am inspired by the elegance and power of nature and how people integrate it into their culture. My passion is creating sculpture in hot poured iron.  The ritual of the iron pour, the alchemy of transmuting raw, earthly matter into timeless form.” 

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4. Bronte

Fine ceramic production is part of Worcestershire’s heritage and identity  and Bronte is proud to continue that tradition of ceramics manufacturing distinction. Every exclusive item that Bronte creates is crafted and decorated by hand, calling on the considerable talents of its artists and craftspeople.

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