Royal Porcelain Works is delighted to announce the introduction of several Parent & Baby and Parent & Toddler groups to its family activities.

Our parent and child groups will take place weekly on a Thursday and Saturday morning in The Hall at Royal Porcelain Works. The Hall is a self-contained, safe and friendly space for both parent and child, with all the facilities that you need when out and about with a little one.

Each group will include learning and singing different nursery rhymes and songs, sensory experiences through the use of bubbles and colourful lights and learning through play.

Each week the theme of the group will change to keep each group fun and exciting for everyone and give you and your little one something to practise at a home.

These groups are not just for the young ones, they are also a chance for parents to make new friends, catch up with old friends and share your experiences of parenthood. They provide a safe space to share experiences, offer and receive support and become part of a community.

If you are feeling peckish after all the fun and games, The Hall at Royal Porcelain Works is perfectly situated next to the Nest Café. Where you can enjoy a slice of homemade cake and coffee in a comfy, cosy family environment.


The groups are run by Lydia Healy a team member of Stand and Deliver.

Lydia has been a vocal coach for children for 8 years and a nursery nurse for 3 years. Lydia stopped working as a nursery nurse to have her baby in 2017. Lydia wanted to use her skills as a vocal coach and a nursery nurse to create an exciting and magical baby and toddler group. Which gives babies and toddlers lots of opportunities to play, learn and explore through singing, sensory and light experiences.

Everyone who wants their little one to experience and learn something new!

The baby group: is suitable for new-borns up to babies starting to toddle.

The toddler group: is suitable for strong walkers up to the age of 3 years.

Each session runs for approximately 45 minutes. This is just enough time to have fun but not too long that the little ones are getting tired.

In each session your little one will learn and experience something new but also become familiar with the structure, movements and songs that we will be learning. There will be singing, movement, bubbles, sensory and musical toys and pretty lights to experience.

The themes for the upcoming weeks include:

  • Springtime
  • Baby animals
  • Down on the farm
  • Night-time noises
  • Beep beep, vroom vroom
  • The people who help us
  • Down in the jungle

We aim to provide a safe environment.  However, in the classes and groups parents and carers are responsible for the safety of their babies/children, and must be present throughout the session.

There will be a pram park in the hall in which you can leave your pram, safely and securely with everything you need close at hand.

Yes, there are baby changing facilities on site in the accessible toilet.  The accessible toilet is located in the foyer, just outside of the hall. You are also welcome to change your baby in the hall itself, however you need to be aware that there are surveillance cameras in situ for security purposes.

A happy baby is a fed baby. You are welcome to feed your baby during the classes, however you need to be aware that there are surveillance cameras in situ for security purposes.

There is a maximum of 10 children per class, which enables a relaxed and fun environment for both parent and baby.

Under no circumstances can any photographs or videos be taken during the classes.

Yes, you can bring a sibling along, however they must be paid for and accounted for within the class numbers.

Everything that you will need during the class will be provided for you. You just need to bring yourself and your little one!

Parent Groups

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  • The Hall
  • October 5, 2019
  • Saturday, 10:45AM to 11:30AM

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  • £5 Parent and Toddler Ticket 10 seat event
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Parent and Toddler Sensory Sessions

The Hall

Saturday, 10:45AM to 11:30AM
October 5, 2019


Anne Bradshaw

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Parent and Toddler Sensory Sessions

The Hall

Saturday, 10:45AM to 11:30AM
October 5, 2019