The Royal Porcelain Works is pleased to announce the addition of yoga classes to its event schedule.

Every Monday 7:40pm-8:40pm and Thursday 6pm-7pm, join us for adult yoga classes for all abilities. To pre-book your space please email or contact Suzie via her company Facebook page

Be The Change Yoga and Wellbeing is run by Suzie Ford, a 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Please see below, a note from Suzie:

I teach a mixture of different yoga styles, predominantly Vinyasa-Flow mixed with Iyengar; where we hold the poses a little longer and flow a little slower so that we can find correct alignment in each pose and get the most benefit.

I specialise in alignment and helping you find safety in each pose, as well as that which will help your body the most. Yoga can be a powerful therapy for injuries and ailments; something I am very focused on so do let me know if you would like help with this so you can get the most out of the classes.

Yoga was originally created to enable people to be able to sit comfortably for long periods in meditation therefore we mustn’t lose sight of the huge positive effect yoga has on our mind and soul, as well as our body. This is the core principle running through all of my classes and it is my joy to be able to help you to find peace and freedom in your body, mind and soul.

I have taught all over the world, and run a charity called Be The Change ( in Uganda and Congo, where I have taught to former child-soldiers and women victims of sexual violence. The proceeds from my classes go towards my charity, which helps these causes and also does Great Ape conservation work in Africa with gorillas and Indonesia with orangutans. I would love to create a community that spans from here to Africa and Indonesia, linking like-minded people and those who need assistance, with those who can offer support.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat.


Suzie x


To pre-book your space please email or contact Suzie via her company Facebook page

You are not required to book; you can of course drop in on a session. However, we cannot guarantee you a spot is going to be available.

Yes of course, yoga is for everyone and will help improve flexibility.

Most people start yoga when they have little or no flexibility at all and watch their mobility improve.

My classes are for anyone. I offer different modifications in each class to suit different needs, but essentially they are for adult beginners and also people starting yoga and wanting to progress.

The classes are as hard as you want them to be, by offering a range of options of poses, you can take it easy or push yourself – the choice is yours.

I will hopefully be starting a kid’s yoga class, but for people wanting to bring their children, please contact me in advance to discuss this; the classes aren’t really suitable for children under 14.

Yes, ideally we do yoga barefoot. This is for safety reasons and to encourage a stronger mind body connection and also a connection with the earth/find stability.

Comfortable clothing, ideally not too baggy so that when we are in downward dog etc. your top doesn’t ride up over your head. Do contact me for advice or if you want to purchase clothing. As an example, I wear sports/yoga leggings, a sports bra and vest. Guys can wear the same or also long sports shorts can be suitable too.

No, please allow at least an hour of no-eating before the class, but ideally 2 hours.

Yes absolutely, my classes are ideal for injuries and conditions. I have a form for you to fill in and we can discuss things in more depth. I also do 1-2-1 classes to help people recover/heal from injuries or problems.

Yoga is a brilliant way to lose weight and feel more body confident. It is suitable for anyone of any size. If you have any concerns, please contact me before hand or talk to me at the beginning of a class.

Yes, but please keep them on silent. You won’t need a mobile throughout the class.

No it is not compulsory, but it is advisable to let me know if you have any medical conditions or worries, this way I can tailor exercises to suit you and help you get the most out of the class.

Yes, ideally you would bring your own mat, this way you can also continue practice at home. I do have some mats though so please let me know beforehand if you need one. For new students I supply a mat. I also sell mats, yoga bricks, straps, and yoga clothing; it really helps in class if you have the right props and clothing, so please let me know if you need anything.

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Yoga & Wellbeing Classes

The Hall

Monday, 7:40PM to 8:40PM
July 29, 2019


Suzie Ford

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Yoga & Wellbeing Classes

The Hall

Monday, 7:40PM to 8:40PM
July 29, 2019