Royal Porcelain Works’ Iconic Victorian Finials to be Immortalised

Two iconic ornamental stone finials, which formed part of Worcester’s skyline for over 160 years, are being restored and immortalised for future generations. 

As part of the major redevelopment of the Royal Porcelain Works, painstaking work is being undertaken to conserve various period features, whilst breathing new life into the site.  One such project is the restoration of the two Victorian urn shaped finials, which were installed either end of the top front of the Royal Porcelain Works Exhibition Hall at its opening in 1851.  

The Exhibition Hall is being completely restored and redesigned to provide the exciting new Henry Sandon Hall at the centre of the RPW redevelopment. At the start of the building work, the urns were carefully removed and examined by experts, and found to be irreparably damaged by over a century of British weather. 

A team of craftsmen from Chilstone, Kent-based stone specialists, have restored the urns sufficiently to create a mould from which two stone replicas can be cast. Once complete, the two replicas will be installed on to the roof of the Henry Sandon Hall, which will open to the public on 30th June 2018.

The urn finials were an iconic feature of the old Royal Porcelain Works, and we wanted to ensure their design remained within the redevelopment. The Royal Porcelain Works is going to be a lively new cultural space in Worcester, which combines the very best of its Victorian heritage with modern and exciting exhibition spaces, arts and crafts and a fabulous deli/café,’ said Royal Porcelain Works Limited Chairman, Colin Kinnear OBE. ‘We hope these new urns will provide an ornamental feature on the Henry Sandon Hall for at least the next 150 years.’

The moulds will be held by Chilstone as part of their historic architectural stonework collection, and a series of Royal Porcelain Works Urns will be produced and available for the public to buy.