Plates reinstated on historical site

Worcester’s leading centre for art and culture has unveiled a series of hand painted ceramic plates.

The Royal Porcelain Works – which has been developed to showcase the county’s artistry and craftsmanship – has reinstated 30 plates in what used to be the Victorian showroom of Royal Worcester, the Henry Sandon Hall.

The original plates were also housed in the Henry Sandon Hall, which was built in 1851 to showcase the world famous porcelain.

The project – which took 3 months to complete – was undertaken by Royal Porcelain Works resident artist Tony Young; just like in the Victorian period, these hand painted plates – depicting local scenes and wildlife- will be on show for visitors to enjoy as well as serving as a lasting legacy to Tony, a local artist who has an established relationship with the site.

“In reinstating the plates, we are creating a new piece of history for the Henry Sandon Hall, whilst also recognising the incredible talent of Tony who has dedicated his career to the Works and is an integral part of the team here today.”

Sara Matthews, General Manager of Royal Porcelain Works.

Resident Artist at Royal Porcelain Works, Tony Young – who has been an artist all his working life – began his career at Royal Worcester in 1970, shortly after his fifteenth birthday. In 1971 he was named ‘Best Animal and Bird Artist’ by the renowned ceramics expert Henry Sandon.

His many special commissions have included painting the Queen’s corgis, as well as paintings for the Sultan of Oman. Tony has also built up a reputation for his repairs and restoration work which he also undertakes on site; these have included around 600 red poppies from the public art installation at the Tower of London which commemorated the outbreak of the First World War.

The original plates were housed in the Henry Sandon Hall which was built in 1851 to showcase the world famous porcelain. Displayed in wall mouldings, the designs were hand painted by the artists who worked there.

The Bransford Trust – which owns the site – is currently developing an area on site which formerly housed the Trade Showrooms; scheduled for completion early next year, the spaces will be available for artists to lease.

For further information please contact the Royal Porcelain Works on 01905 677399 or email

Curation of first 'Foyer Arts'

The Foyer of the Royal Porcelain Works is the ideal space for the display and presentation for sale of artworks. PIA have worked with the Royal Porcelain Works on many projects and the Foyer Arts Exhibition space is the latest venture in the support and promotion of the Arts and Culture in Worcester.

Open 9:30am to 4:30pm daily from 30th October 2019, in The Foyer at Royal Porcelain Works

The first Artist to be displayed in the new and vibrant space is Worcester based Stereo-graphic Projection and Nature Photographer – Anthony Pearson.

Anthony likes photographing trees, flowers, people, urban details and all the other stuff he sees around him.

"Sometimes I photograph pieces of paper. I also make stereographic projections. A stereographic projection is a sphere mapped onto a 2 dimensional surface. In other words, photograph everything around you, then flatten out the image."

Photographer Anthony Pearson, exhibiting work at Royal Porcelain Works throughout November.

Anthony reflects on some felicitous quotes; “Finding myself out of the gossip, I busied myself taking snapshots of everything in sight, enjoying my dislocation from events. Watching the miniaturized, reflected image swim prettily into focus in my viewfinder, I had the world exactly as I wanted it.” – Jonathan Raban, Arabia Through The Looking Glass.

“I have this funny thing which is that I’m never afraid when I’m looking in the ground glass.” – Diane Arbus.

“I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed.” – Garry Winogrand.

For more information on Anthony’s work, please visit

To purchase a piece of Anthony’s work on display at Royal Porcelain Works, contact: Chris on 07713 055999 or email

If you are an Artist and wish to know more about exhibiting your work as a part of Foyer Arts at Royal Porcelain Works, or want to find out how Participate in Art can help you, contact Participate in Art directly.